With PLSC Since: 2012 (day 1!)

Favorite Part About Working at PLSC: Seeing how far some of our members have come from the moment they started implementing healthy habits to now (happier and healthier than ever).

Favorite Class: Rhythm Cycle and Yin Yoga

Favorite Wellness Center Service: Cold Plunge!!

Favorite Style of Workout: Intuitive movement, aerial, dynamic stretching, & functional training!

Favorite Quote/Words to Live By: “Everything happens for a reason. If you find that the reason does not serve you, ask yourself for the reason again… until you find a reason that serves and empowers you. No matter how big your problems are, there have been people who have overcome far worse with ease and grace, and who may have even had some fun in the process, by choosing perceptions which best served them. And if you believe there haven’t been… then you can be the first!”

Aerial Silks Lesson

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