Khloe Elkins

Private Yoga Instructor

I am motivated in my personal life by traditional, natural, and organic paths to health and wellness, and I love sharing what I learn and using my experiences and qualifications to help others on their specific journeys. I have a background from childhood in classical dance and gymnastics which grew into my passion for yoga. My style of teaching is a multiple-style, traditional lineage connecting the mind, body, and heart, incorporating sound healing, aromatherapy and other traditional styles of healing for a well-rounded full sensory engaged class. My goal is to hold space to allow students to flourish in their yoga experience, and to invite them to look inward while in movement to connect on a deeper level with themselves mentally and physically.


  • 200hr Certified Yoga Instructor
  • School of Positive Transformation Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher
  • Reiki Infinite Healing Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

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