Jerome Gross

Personal Trainer

Mind & body, fitness, wellness, transformation, and performance are all a life long passion. Beginning in high school I shared meditations, visualization and neural linguistic programing with fellow teammates to aid in improving athletic skills and healing recovery.

Before graduating from San Diego State University in 1995 in Physical Education, I loved working with teammates that ran track and field, played football, and other sports. I used hypnotherapy, energy healing, along with sprint speed development or their specific training. Ever since, I have been cultivating and acquiring skills and talents to transform the mindset, as well as training the body for healing, health and wellness. My training style is unique and diverse, I call it Mind Body Fitness, and I hope to have the opportunity to show you the way!


  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • BA in Physical Education
  • 500 RYT Yoga Instructor
  • Reiki Master

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