Derek Scott

Personal Trainer

As a D-1 athlete, I experienced what it was like to wake up in the best shape of my life, only to go to bed that night unable to walk, with a surgery booked and 6-12 months of injury rehab on my calendar. That happened three times in my life. The empowering part about those physical low points is realizing that strength literally is your only option. Now my passion is passing along the emotional support, knowledge & practical skills I learned though those experiences and over many years as an athlete & personal trainer. What I’ve found is that although every body is different, we all experience major life obstacles in maintaining our health. What I enjoy about coaching is learning about my clients’ unique circumstances, and helping them apply the optimal dose of strength & conditioning to improve their quality of life. Everybody deserves a unique fitness plan, custom to their lifestyle, and the accountability they need to reach their goals. This puzzle of optimizing each unique human body is what gets me out of bed and excited to train my clients at the crack of dawn!


  • B.S. Business Administration – USC
  • Mindfulness Studies Graduate (MBSR) – UCSD
  • Certified Nutritionist – Precision Nutrition
  • Mobility Specialist – Functional Range Conditioning
  • Knee Ability Certified – ATG
  • NCAA Scholarship-Athlete – USC Track & Field
  • One Ton Club (Total) – Squat, Clean, Jerk, Snatch, Deadlift, Bench

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