Darlene Janssen

Personal Trainer

My love for fitness originated at an early age. I was naturally drawn to the outdoors and sports, enjoying the challenge in stretching my abilities and strengths in track, basketball, and dance. My personal experience taught me that growth and development is possible through dedication, consistency, and picking yourself up to try again.

After college, I was given an excellent opportunity to work side by side with physicians in wellness centers, designing nutrition and exercise protocols for our patients. Through this experience, I realized the joy in working with people to dramatically improve their health and fitness, achieve their ideal weight, and truly change their lives by becoming their own success story!

Working as a Personal Fitness Trainer and Health Coach for over 25 years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with thousands of individuals in their quest for fitness. I have found it is important to challenge yourself in a variety of ways in the gym to keep it interesting, fun, and produce results. A truly fit person has abilities in all areas of fitness including strength, flexibility, cardio, and implementing lifestyle habits that support optimum health. Overall my philosophy is simple; to create a life of Balance.


  • BS, Exercise Physiology Chico State University
  • MS, Nutrition Science Chico State University
  • ISSA, AFAA, Aerobic Pipeline International COPE
  • Certified Health Coach– VillaNova School of Nursing, Center for Obesity *Prevention and Education
  • BOSU Balance Training Specialty


“There is nothing ‘routine’ about workouts with my personal trainer Darlene Janssen at Point Loma Sports Club. Each session is tailored to my ‘needs of the week’ with diversity thrown in to keep it fresh and challenging. Her expertise is not limited to the mechanics of strength training – it goes beyond to nutritional coaching and advisement for work-outs and rest days in between. All of this is delivered with a high degree of humor and enthusiasm that makes the time go by quickly. Friends and family repeatedly comment on my significant improvement in strength and balance!”

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