Abe Al-Baba

Personal Trainer

My absolute passion is paving the way to a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. That passion is deeply rooted from competing in sports such as: football, wrestling, collegiate lacrosse, kickboxing and boxing. I have made it my personal mission to help people move better, live better, and perform better—whether that be in sports competition or throughout your everyday life.

Over the past decade I have really embraced the power of neuroscience. It has given me the ability to rapidly heal pain or enhance athletic performance, and unlock my client’s full potential within a few sessions. With a thorough assessment we unravel specific components that hold you back, ultimately coming up with individualized drills that give your unique brain better input. With this approach, I’m confident you will receive incredible output aka the goals and results you’ve been searching for!

My methods have helped develop all kinds of populations including USA Olympians, NFL, NBA, MLR, UFC and Glory Kickboxing athletes, as well as chronic pain, neurological disorder, and weight loss clientele.

I also wrote a book called, “Fuel Your Performance,” to help any and all optimize their performance. Performance could mean strength or speed, or having energy for work and playing with your grandkids; it’s whatever matters to you. Nutrition is a key variable often overlooked for reaching the next level; you can bet we will use this powerful tool!

I’m excited to help guide you on your journey and achieve goals you never knew you were capable of!


  • B.S. Kinesiology from University of North Carolina – Charlotte
  • Named one of San Diego’s Top Trainers by Discover & Pacific SD Magazine
  • Recognized by The Marquis Who’s Who In America
  • Z-Health Neuro Sports Performance Specialist & Practitioner
  • Author, Fuel Your Performance, 2020
  • Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist (LPSN)
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified
  • EP-C Exercise Physiologist Certified


“What I like about Abe’s approach is it’s not just my typical bodybuilding style training everything that he’s having me do is just to improve myself not only physically, but mentally as well…I feel like that’s so important to teach your clients and athletes why they’re doing what they’re doing…in order to enhance their performance to get the most optimal results. Everything he does is not only science fact, but it’s in the best interest of the athletes so they can be the healthiest that they’ve ever been before. I had some imbalances, my vision was off, what he did was assign me different exercises to improve my vision my eye muscles. He had me perform isometric movements so I can strengthen each sides of my body…I’m losing fat and I feel better, I feel more athletic. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been…10/10 would recommend!”-Alyssa L

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