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How can we Help You?

We are a family-owned and operated facility dedicated to the well-being of our members and staff. How can we help you with your memberships needs?

Membership Status Update
Member Services

Membership status update

Freeze Membership

Freezing your membership will allow you to keep your current membership and avoid enrollment fees if you decide to return in the future, and is a great option if you will be travelling or recovering from an injury.

UnFreeze Membership

Ready to return after having your membership on freeze? We look forward to welcoming you back! Fill out this quick form and your dues will be prorated for whatever day of the month you choose to come back.

Cancel Membership

If you would like to instead cancel your membership, your grandfathered rate will be lost should you decide to return.

PLEASE NOTE: We currently have a membership cap in place and often have a waitlist to join the club.  If you wish to return in the future, freezing your membership will hold your spot and membership rate.

Membership Services


With the our app, you can check-in at the front desk through your phone, view our class schedule/signup for classes, access our PERX discounts, log your workout, invite friends in to try out the Club, and more!

Contact Management

We are a small family owned and operated business fully committed to our members and staff. Members can use the link below to contact our management team directly, we are here for you!


Need a lifting partner to help spot you or keep you accountable? Join our facebook group to find a gym buddy at PLSC that matches your fitness level!

Refer a Friend

Have a friend that would love PLSC? Refer them here!

Once they join the club not only do you BOTH get a $25 membership credit, you also BOTH get a gym buddy and accountability partner!

Reserve an executive locker

Want your own private locker in our Executive Locker Room? Fill out a request here and pick out an open locker in the executive locker room.

Please note that our day-use lockers are complementary and this is specifically to reserve a private locker in our executive locker room.