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We believe that a health club should be about so much more than fitness. It should be a place where you not only exercise your body but also get an emotionally uplifting experience. Offering world-class amenities to enhance and uplift you is part of what makes our gym so unique. Our blend of treatments and modalities help members recharge and restore after a maximum effort.

Included Amenities

the recovery zone

In The Recovery Zone we offer Normatec Lower Body Lymphatic Compression Massage Boots, HigherDose Infrared-Heated Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy Mat, Crystal Salt Therapy Lamp, and Hyperice Venom Heated Vibration Lower Back Belt Members receive a free treatment every month and an exclusive discount for each additional treatment!
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Our friendly and helpful concierge desk is always here for you to answer all of your questions and help with any needs. We also have our janitorial team onsite at all times to ensure the club maintains optimal cleanliness at all hours! We use environmentally friendly non-toxic cleaning products and cut down on single-use plastic waste whenever possible.


A dedicated stretching sanctuary allows plenty of uncrowded space to stretch. Enjoy our line of flexibility enhancing equipment, machines that hold your stretches for you, stability balls, foam rollers, and specialized padded flooring all while being enveloped in calming music. We've designed this treat to make your stretching experience more enjoyable than ever.


You no longer have to bring your own lock to the gym.  Simply choose a 4-digit code, lock your locker, and your belongings are secured! Our day-use lockers are available to all.  If you would like to rent your own locker monthly, we offer a space in our executive locker section for an additional fee. Day-use lockers are always free.


As a member, you will receive discounts to several of our favorite local businesses. From Liberty Station to Downtown San Diego you'll be able to unlock these treats straight from the PLSC member app!


All of our shower stalls are equipped with water filtration, quality shampoo, and body wash. We also offer towel service including bath towels, hand towels, and chilled eucalyptus towels. All of our towels are laundered with a disinfecting ozone filtration system to ensure the cleanest towels possible.

small group training classes

All included in membership, all taught by Personal Trainers, all focused on building strength and endurance! Try Circuit Training, HIIT, CORE, Athletic Bootcamp, and MORE!
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Innovative Equipment

We offer the highest quality, innovative equipment in the industry. We are constantly adding new equipment to our weight room and functional training arena so that you can get the best workout of your life. Check out some of our equipment below.

Free Parking

You will never struggle to find parking here! Front-row parking is always available for members and guests! A portion of the parking lot is also monitored by security cameras for your safety.

Basketball Half Court

Jump into a pick-up game whenever you want with our open basketball court. We have several basketballs to choose from.


The InBody 570 body composition assessment goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, belly fat levels, and total hydration on a limb by limb basis. Total body water data can be divided into intracellular water and extracellular water values which is important for understanding a user’s fluid distribution in medical, wellness, and fitness contexts.

One complimentary initial scan is included in membership, ongoing scans are included with personal training.
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Aerial Silks

Within our Functional Training Arena, we provide aerial silks for use by all members who have completed at least one introductory aerial session here or at another location. Our hammock and silks hang from our 25 ft high ceiling, making it an essential and amazing practice space for aerialists. We also offer 2 low-hanging aerial hammocks for those learning about the practice of aerial yoga.

Chilled Eucalyptus Towels

Enjoying complimentary chilled eucalyptus towels at the end of your workout is the perfect cool-down treat. Our grab-and-go towel fridge is conveniently located so you can refresh with a cool, fragrant towel whenever you need. You can even take that cold towel to the sauna for the ultimate spa experience.

Personal Training discounts

Accomplish your goals with one of our outstanding trainers. As a member, you will receive one free Personal Training session and one free InBody Composition scan to help launch you to new heights.

Wellness Center Discounts

As a member, you will receive valuable discounts to our Wellness Center!

Our Wellness Center offers a variety of therapeutic services including massage, craniosacral therapy, chiropractic care, hypnotherapy, cold plunge, red light therapy, and more.

Pilates reformer

We offer both private training and open access to our BalancedBody Pilates Reformer. Whether you simply want to incorporate it into your gym routine, or you are looking for private training, we are here for you!

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